Saskia Noor van Imhoff creates installations, sculptures and photographic works which question the idea of the singular or original artwork. She conceives of her process as marking a moment in time, a temporary combination of materials and circumstance which will inevitably undergo further permutations. Saskia Noor van Imhoff employs materials associated with contemporary architectural spaces such as plexiglass and neon lighting, and synthesizes them with found materials. Most recently, themes drawn from the natural world have been incorporated into her practice. This development follows her experience restoring a plot of rural land.

Interacting with Van Imhoff’s work is a multi-sensory experience; the installations create a distinct atmosphere with their fine-tuned lighting, spatial configurations, and climate modulation. Central to Van Imhoff’s artistic process are the elements one usually associates with hidden and obfuscated practices such as archiving, preserving and documenting, which are essential to the stewardship of artworks. However, Van Imhoff breaks with the existing or anticipated associations with these practices, setting apart individual elements and providing them with renewed value and meaning.

Saskia Noor van Imhoff (b. 1982 in Mission, CA) lives and works in Amsterdam and Mirns (NL). Van Imhoff was awarded the 2017 ABN Amro ArtPrize (NL), the 2012  Walter Tielmann Prize for Book Design (DE) and the 2008 Gerrit Rietveld Academie Prize (NL).

Van Imhoff has had exhibitions at various venues including: Fries MuseumLeeuwarden (NL); Centraal Museum, Utrecht (NL); AkzoNobel Art Foundation, Amsterdam (NL); the Arnulf Rainer Museum, Baden (AT); Kunsthal, Rotterdam (NL); Frans Halsmuseum De Hallen, Haarlem (NL); the 11th Gwangju Biennial (KR); Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (FR); Frans Hals Museum|DeHallen, Haarlem (NL); Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NL); De Appel, Amsterdam (NL) and the Moscow Biennial (RU). Van Imhoff’s work is included in the collections of ABN Amro Art Collection, Amsterdam (NL); AkzoNobel Art Foundation, Amsterdam (NL); AMC Art Collection, Amsterdam (NL); THE EKARD COLLECTION; Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam (NL); ING Art Collection, Amsterdam (NL); Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum, Leiden (NL); De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam (NL); Rabo Art Collection, Utrecht (NL); Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NL); Textiel Museum, Tilburg (NL); Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke (BE) and Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar (NL), among many other public and private collections.