54 White Street | Inaugural exhibition: GRIMM's new gallery in Tribeca


Join us in March 2021 for the grand opening of GRIMM's new space in Tribeca at 54 White Street. For more further information, please email info@grimmgallery.com

Installation Views
Press release

GRIMM is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition at 54 White Street in Tribeca, New York. An expansive group exhibition at 54 White Street will celebrate the gallery's program with exemplary new works by each represented artist. Spanning two levels, GRIMM's new exhibition space has been conceived in close collaboration with gallery artists and WAU Architects with the aim of designing a flexible and continuously developing space in service of our artists’ most ambitious projects.

54 White Street is the former home of Arc Records, the legendary record archive that once housed 3.5 million records. In the spirit of this cultural outpost, GRIMM’s new contemporary gallery will accommodate a 4,200 square feet gallery on its ground floor and 1,800 square feet on its lower level.


For more information, interview and royalty free image requests, please contact the gallery in New York: press@grimmgallery.com or +1 (212) 280-3877