Matthias Weischer

Matthias Weischer – The Garden Works on Paper


Exhibition Catalog Neuer Berliner Kunstverein
With texts from Alexander Tolnay, Wolfgang Holler und Harry Lehmann
Hatje Cantz Verlag
ISBN-13: 978-3775720427

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Matthias Weicher – Malerei – Painting

The young Leipzig painter Matthias Weischer, born in 1973, depicts suburban interiors that can appear at once pleasantly furnished and ominously vacated. Abstract patterns in wallpaper or carpet suggest households that have been lovingly attended to, but Weischer invests this decor with an oddly noisy insistence, so that its sheer "effect" invades any space a human presence might occupy. Often an entire ceiling or a part of a wall is omitted, so that Weischer's homes quickly come to seem absurdly staged, like sets that are wholly indifferent to habitation. Subtle perspectival collisions and a frequently clinical treatment of light compound these atmospheres of banal anxiety, and Weischer's impasto paint application further intensifies the claustrophobic pressure--even while imparting his evident enjoyment in detailing ornamental effect. The artist's conceptual preoccupations are consistent, but the emotional nuances of his paintings vary greatly. With over 200 color plates, this is an impressive catalogue raisonné for one of the Leipzig School's most promising stars.

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Matthias Weischer Room with a view

The now widely admired Leipzig painter Matthias Weischer (born 1973) belongs to a generation of artists who have extrapolated a powerful emotional vocabulary from portraying interiors. Weischer adds a collage style of image-building to this vocabulary; in these recent paintings, executed between 2004 and 2008, interiors begin to resemble stage sets, giving peeks at the exterior beyond.

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In the Space Between


Weischers first exhibition in Spain allowed the artist to present a set of gardens and landscapes that have not previously been exhibited. These works, the direct result of the evolution of the artists most recent work, are presented in this catalogue in a dialogue with his typical interiors that have brought him so much critical acclaim. Alongside images of these works the catalogue includes several short essays, an interview with the artist and bibliographic information.

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Features full page images of selected works and installation views from the eponymous exhibition, with an essay by Walter Grasskamp.