Daniel Richter

Die Palette 1995-2007


Daniel Richter (born 1962), a former graphic designer of punk-rock album covers, is a major star of the German contemporary art scene. A significant influence since the 1990s- often mentioned in the same breath as Neo Rauch (see p. 20) and Peter Doig - Richter has enjoyed great success since developing his expressive style of figurative painting. His large-format canvases combine elements from the mass media, pop culture and art history to create unconventional narrative scenes that can be both terrifying and beautiful. This lavishly illustrated book represents the first comprehensive survey of Richter's oeuvre, featuring the artist's work from all phases of his career.

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Exhibition catalogue, edited by Veit Görner, Susanne Figner
texts (German/English) by ­Susanne Figner, Anders Kold, Kito Nedo
92 p with 70 coloured illustrations
255 x 340 mm, clothbound with embossings
Daniel Richter has remained true to his characteristic outsider and adventurer theme in his latest paint­ings. At centre of the works we have the figure of the Levantine Old Man of the Mountain with the ­Assassins. It is that attested story of young Muslims in the Early Middle Ages who, as weak-willed agents of the leader of the archaic sect in a parallel universe – half- ­paradise, half-brothel – are being dosed up on hashish and who then, ­having come down from their high and as suicide attackers or terror­ists, plunge the Islamic world into a state of fear and panic.
This catalogue presents the latest series comprising many large-­format paintings for the first time and accompanies the series’ ­premiere held at the ­Kestnergesellschaft in Hanover. A spectacular, over­sized format guarantees optimal reproduction value; for the time being, this book is the only one available on the ­artist’s work.

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