Letha Wilson: Look With Your Hands

Installation Views
Press release

GRIMM is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition by Letha Wilson (1976) in Amsterdam.

For her first solo show with the gallery, Letha Wilson presents a body of new work combining photography as a material medium with materials like concrete and steel. Wilson cuts, tears and shapes her photographs, push- ing and pulling the prints into place and then encases portions of the composition in cement. She explores
the magnetic pull of the American West, alluding to landscape’s intrinsic role in our own myths of reinvention, endless possibility, and inevitable promise. Photographs of expansive canyons, mountains, and vistas are tied physically to the gallery, in some cases embedded directly into the walls, floor, and ceiling, blurring the lines between image and object. Using architecture and three-dimensionality as both frame and armature, Wilson reclaims the photographic image, exploring the medium’s inability to encompass the site it represents.