Charles Avery: What’s so great about Happiness? The people and things from Onomatopoeia

Installation Views
Press release

It is with great pleasure that we announce the second solo show by Charles Avery (Oban, 1973) at Grimm Gallery. His latest exhibition, What’s so great about Happiness? The People and things from Onomatopoeia will include new drawings, sculptures and objects from the artist’s on-going project, The Islanders.

The Islanders is the perpetual description of a fictional territory, its inhabitants and their beliefs, through the medium of drawing, writing and objects. This exhibition is a snapshot of everyday life in Onomatopoeia; the main city-port and gateway to the island. Comprising drawings of both complex scenes and detailed character studies, the show will also include functional and decorative objects; cafe tables, drinking vessels, wallpaper, and posters that appear around the city.