A Question of Perspective: Group Exhibition

Installation Views
Press release

GRIMM is pleased to present: A Question of Perspective. Curated by Jane Neal, the exhibition seeks to create a platform where painters: Farah Atassi, Ali Banisadr, Matthias Bitzer, Constant, René Daniëls, Christian Hidaka, Vicken Parsons, Daniel Pitín, Daniel Richter, Caroline Walker, Suling Wang and Matthias Weischer, bring fresh perspectives on the representation of space and question art’s relationship to time, from distinct and different positions.

Our perception of space, our engagement with space, and through it, our interaction with each other, has never been more pertinent as a topic for exploration. Just as the adoption of perspective as a means of representing reality became synonymous with how Europe positioned itself with a view to the rest of the world in the 15th Century and beyond, so our attempts to rethink this use of perspective in art, could have a profound effect on what happens in our age, and in the future.