Matthias Weischer: Spiegels

Press release

GRIMM is proud to announce Matthias Weischer’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery, titled Spiegels, opening in Amsterdam on November 4, 2021.

Matthias Weischer is one of the foremost painters of his generation. Living and working in Leipzig he is classically trained and has consistently exhibited internationally since his graduation from the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts (Leipzig, DE) in 2003.

Weischer is fascinated by the illusion of space and his work explores ways of depicting his immediate surroundings by ways of the interior, landscape and stage settings. The artist carefully arranges and orchestrates real life compositions in his studio from which he draws inspiration. Weischer frequently references art history and brings homage to painters who came before him, from Ingres to Manet, Giotto to Jasper Johns by making references to their work in his paintings. His work encompasses a broad range of subject matter and he experiments widely within his chosen medium of oil paint with thematic elements, distilling questions of perception into his constructed surfaces.

Weischer’s new paintings continue a layered, collage-like approach with emphasis on the domestic realm.The exhibition includes several pairs of paintings, very similar in composition. These works challenge the viewer to look very closely and observe how each painting differs from the other, defying the notion of the quick glance and forcing upon the viewer the actual experience of seeing through comparison. The artist addresses the insentient forms of our surroundings with a sense of devotion, resulting in an enchanting reshaping of their symbolism and perceived function. His paintings are thick from layered oil paint, bringing to life the substance of the medium and enriching a delicate balance between emptiness and detail. This new group of paintings reflects a continuous search for uniting the emptiness and substance of our daily surroundings.