Matthias Weischer: Stage


GRIMM is pleased to announce Stage, Matthias Weischer's first solo exhibition in New York, opening on Sept 3rd* at our 202 Bowery location.

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Press release

GRIMM is proud to announce Matthias Weischer’s first solo exhibition in the United States, and his third solo exhibition with the gallery, opening in New York on September 3rd.

Matthias Weischer is fascinated by illusions of space and his work explores ways of depicting and understanding interiors. After his graduation from the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts (Leipzig, DE) in 2003, Weischer became internationally renowned for his innovative and complex compositions, replete with layered art-historical references. He is considered a notable member of the New Leipzig School, which emerged in Germany in the early 2000s—bringing both him and his contemporaries, such as Neo Rauch and Tilo Baumgärtel, into the spotlight. Weischer was selected by David Hockney as his protégé for a year-long mentorship program in 2005, a foundational experience for the artist. His works encompass a broad range of subject matter and he experiments widely with materials and thematic elements, distilling questions of perception onto their constructed surfaces.

Weischer’s new paintings continue a layered, collage-like approach with recent emphasis on the figure within the domestic realm. The artist addresses the insentient forms of our surroundings with a sense of devotion, resulting in an enchanting reshaping of their symbolism and perceived function. His paintings are thick with oil paint, bringing to life the substance of the medium and enriching a delicate balance between emptiness and detail. Currently, Weischer’s compositions draw from stage-sets he constructs in his studio, where he considers elements of the decor as characters with different relationships and dynamics. This body of work reflects a continuous search for uniting the emptiness and substance of our daily surroundings. 

Following this presentation at GRIMM, works from the exhibition will travel to the Drents Museum in Assen (NL) where Matthias Weischer - Bühne will be on display from November 1st, 2020 - March 28th, 2021.


Opening of the exhibition, Thursday, Sept 3, 2020:

The exhibition opens to the public from 10 am - 6 pm with limited capacity (5 maximum). Masks or face coverings will be required upon entry. For further information, please call the gallery at (646) 484-5223 or email at