Two Buildings: Erin Shirreff

Installation Views
Press release

GRIMM is proud to present a solo presentation by Erin Shirreff (1975, British Columbia). Shirreff is an artist working in multiple media including sculpture, video, and photography. For her first solo presentation in Amsterdam, the artist presents two single-channel video works: UN 2010 (2010) and Ansel Adams, RCA Building, circa 1940 (2009).

Both videos are composed of hundreds of re-photographed images. In the case of Ansel Adams, RCA Building, circa 1940, a reproduction of the Ansel Adams image was photographed by Shirreff over the course of a single afternoon. Sunlight and shadow slowly pass over its surface, altering both the appearance of the photographed building and, seemingly, the atmospheric conditions within the image itself. The once static print comes to life as we are caught between an apparent illusion and the evidence of its simple construction.