Heel Gezellig: Group Exhibition organised by Matthew Day Jackson

Installation Views
Press release

GRIMM is pleased to announce the second exhibition by Matthew Day Jackson in Amsterdam. A double bill, the exhibition(s) will feature new work in all media over both spaces.

The exhibition on the Keizersgracht is inspired by Andrew Guenther’s first New York solo show in which he invited guest stars to exhibit work within his own exhibition. The works were point, and counterpoint to his own, thus creating a sort of devotional element. This idea is mirrored in Jackson’s “Heel Gezellig” exhibition at the Keizersgracht. The artist has invited Larry Bamburg, Sarah E. Wood, Erin Shirreff, Jonathan Marshall, Gretchen Bennett, Andrew Guenther and Adam Helms as well as Kris Kollmer and Maarten Baas.