Matthew Day Jackson: Heel Gezellig

Installation Views
Press release

GRIMM is pleased to announce the second exhibition by Matthew Day Jackson in Amsterdam. A double bill, the exhibition(s) will feature new work in all media in two spaces.

At the Frans Halsstraat, Matthew Day Jackson will present ‘Heel Gezellig’. This part of the exhibition thematically will lie at the intersection of the interior and exterior of our natural environment. Like a Bird’s nest, or a Bear’s den, our homes are an expression of our ability to fashion what is “outside”, reordered to become “inside”. The objects and works presented deal with notions of mortality, or the material of being. Many of the works refer directly to the artist’s body, and through photography and sculpture, the human form is re-imaged and re-formed. Jackson states, ‘We are not simply flesh and bone, but also the materials through which we express ourselves to the world outside.’ On view will be a large Study Collection work, paintings, and various sculptures. The gallery itself has been transformed into a living room environment.