Charles Avery: New Works from The Islanders Project (Concerning The Qoro-Qoros, The Jadindagadendar and The Eternal Dialectic)

Installation Views
Press release

With great pleasure we announce the first gallery exhibition in the Netherlands by Charles Avery (Oban, 1973) after his solo museum presentation at the Boijmans van Beuningen museum in 2009. The exhibition will cover both gallery spaces and will feature new sculptures, drawings and film works.

Since 2004 Avery has been describing, in the form of drawings, texts, and objects, a fictional Island. The Island is located at the centre of an archipelago of innumerable constituents. The gateway to the Island is the town of Onomatopoeia, once the stepping off point of the pioneers who first came to the place, turned colonial outpost, turned boom town, bustling metropolis, depression ravaged slum, and regenerated city of culture and tourist destination.

For the exhibition at Grimm Gallery, Avery presents a great number of new works that explore as yet entirely undepicted features of the Island.