Desiree Dolron

Desiree Dolron – Xteriors 2001-2015


W. Pijbes, C. Cotton
Publisher Raven Publishers
ISBN 9789081700108

Heavily drawing on her interest in portraiture, Desirée Dolron’s latest series intertwines digital post-production with contemporary art photography. The intentionality of her approach is palpable; every decision regarding technique and form is meticulously considered in the pictorial construction of these darkly introverted and strangely timeless photographs. The models inhabit a tranquil and withdrawn realm of near-perfect compositions. Beautifully crafted in a hybridised visual language that masterfully blurs the traditional disciplinary boundaries between painting and photography, analogue and digital. With book design by Irma Boom Office.

112 p, ills colour, 30 x 36 cm, hb, Dutch/English


Exaltation – Images of Religion and Death


Dolron's documentation of contemporary religious festivals in Asiatic countries, and in particular violent rituals involving cutting, piercing and eating of bodies is extreme. Transcendence, the nature of excess and Dolron's work are discussed by Lauren ten Kate, Kees Fens and Joop de Jong.

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Desiree Dolron


Text by Wim van Sinderen and Charlotte Cotton. Features full page images of selected works.

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