Ulala Imai paints scenes drawn from both her familial life and popular culture. She tranforms her children’s toys, quotidian foods, and other household items into mysterious and life-like subjects. Imai turns the materials of her specific family life into repositories for the universal human exchanges that surround them.


Recent solo exhibitions include The Scene, Karma, New York, NY (US); Reminiscence, Union Pacific, London (UK); Hola Strangers, Lulu, Mexico City (MX); MELODY, Parco Museum, Tokyo (JP); AMAZING, Nonaka-Hill, Los Angeles, CA (US) and Gathering, Union Pacific, London (UK).


Ulala Imai participates in the exhibition Close, curated by Russell Tovey, on view March 4 - April 6, 2023. For information about the artist please visit Nonaka Hill.