Romancing the Surface

curated by Loie Hollowell
hardcover 112 pages
Publisher: GRIMM Amsterdam (NL)
ISBN: 978-90-813137-7-3
Dimensions: 215 x 147 mm | 8.4 x 5.7 in

Romancing the Surface brings together nine artists who explore the sensorial dynamics of materiality in relation to the physical nature of both painting and sculpture. Contextually varied and executed through a myriad of practices, Romancing the Surface seeks to join the artists through esoteric ideas surrounding the body, the primal nature of materials and the complexity of form, light and color. Bringing internalized sensations to the forefront, the exhibition weaves multiple influences and styles to externalize concepts that are rooted in formalism and art history.

The exhibition includes works by Sascha BraunigLouise GiovanelliAngela HeischCamille HenrotLoie HollowellThaddeus MosleyMatthew RonayLui Shtini and Daniel Sinsel.

Romancing the Surface: curated by Loie Hollowell
€ 20.00