Sascha Braunig’s paintings originate from still lifes she creates in her studio, although their appearance belies her process of painting from direct observation. Braunig uses clay modeling in combination with vivid hues to render plastic-like forms, while projecting a luscious surface tension that never lets the viewer rest at ease. Braunig investigates the restraining confines of the canvas through a haunting mixture of references to stage performance, portraiture, Surrealism, and luminescent abstraction. 

The artist’s work has been exhibited at White Cube, London (UK); Atlanta Contemporary, Atlanta, GA (US); the Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME (US), amongst others. Public collections include the Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD (US); Fondazione Memmo, Rome (IT) and the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (AU).


Sascha Braunig participates in the exhibition Romancing the Surface, 20 January - 6 March, 2021. For more information about the artist, please visit Office Baroque.