L'histoire kaputt

Alex van Warmerdam
Author: Alex van Warmerdam , 2018
L'histoire kaputt: Alex van Warmerdam
Publisher: Eye, Nieuw Amsterdam
Dimensions: 170 x 240 mm | 6.7 x 9.5 in
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9789046824436
€ 10.00

Eye presents new work by Alex van Warmerdam in an exhibition specially designed for the film museum. Characters, objects and situations come to life in a mysteriously staged setting, complemented by big screens showing scenes from Van Warmerdam’s films. All elements of the exhibition testify to the down-to-earth imagination and idiosyncratic approach of Alex van Warmerdam as a maker of films and works for the stage, as well as a writer and painter.

Accompanying the exhibition is a publication with a selection of Van Warmerdam’s poems, scenes from plays, images from his films and theatre performances, posters and paintings. In addition, the literary periodical De Gids has invited a range of writers and poets, whose work displays a comparable originality, to respond to Van Warmerdam’s work. Published by Eye in collaboration with Nieuw Amsterdam.

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