Onomatopoeia – Its People and Surroundings

This book is a portrait of the people and culture of Onomatopoeia, capital city, port and gateway to the Island. The town was once the stepping off point for pioneers and travellers. It grew from an outpost to a bustling boomtown, before entering a phase of decline into depression ravaged slum, and now – in the fictional present – finds itself reborn as a regenerated city of culture with its own Museum of Modern Art.

Publication Details:

Release: 5 January 2016
Frame Publishers
Written by Charles Avery, Robin Mackay and Gilda Williams
Graphic design by Sebastiaan Brandsen and Paul Cleary
235 x 315 mm
256 pages / full colour / hardcover
ISBN 978-94-91727-96-2
€34.00 (excluding shipping costs)