Claudia Martínez Garay is nominated for The High Line Plinth Proposal

Claudia Martínez Garay’s proposal comprises of a ceramic bowl carried by two feet. This ceramic vase is filled with ceramic native corn and potatoes. From the skyscrapers above, only the food is visible; from the Spur, the two brown feet that carry the food appear. Martínez Garay’s proposal references the Moche and Pre-Columbian cultures, whose art is relegated to ethnographic museums; and the people who live in what is known as America –not the USA, but the whole the continent– whose ancient history and early cultures were erased, denied and restrained since the arrival of colonialists. the persistent hijacking of the name America, presupposes that, not only, the other inhabitants of the continent cannot even call themselves by their names; Americans. But also, that the great American project does not includes them into the future.

The High Line Plinth is a landmark destination for public art. 80 artists from 40 countries submitted the proposals above to be considered for the third and fourth Plinth commissions, which will be installed in 2022 and 2024. These artists were nominated by an international advisory committee of artists, curators, and arts professionals convened by High Line Art. In fall 2020, High Line Art will select a shortlist of artists to move to the next stage of the proposal process. These artists will be invited to present maquettes of their proposals in a public exhibition in early 2021.

Your feedback is integral to the proposal process: your comments will be shared with High Line Art’s curatorial team and will help inform their selection of the shortlist of artists. Please leave your thoughts here.

August 10, 2020