Lucy Skaer in conversation with Stephanie Straine: ‘Available Fonts: looking at drawing as language’

Lucy Skaer, The Courtauld Institute of Art, Vernon Square, Penton Rise, London

This day-long symposium takes as its subject the status of drawing since 1960 as a complex and dynamic medium. Bringing together artists, curators, and art historians, the symposium will explore drawing’s status as a significant medium in its own right, beyond notions of the preparatory and private. Through a series of short papers, artist presentations and roundtable discussions, speakers will address a range of processes, approaches, and themes in contemporary drawing. No longer constrained to paper or canvas as its sole support, drawing now belongs as much to the realm of the readymade or found object as it does the mechanical and the digital, placing established notions of the intimate and hand-drawn under productive pressure.  Bringing together leading scholars, artists and curators, our conversations over the course of the day will range widely to include issues of materiality and making, the environmental and the conceptual, the precarious and provisional, and the durational and tactile nature of the drawn image.

Friday 10 May 2019

May 1, 2019