Lenz Geerk’s solemn, stately portraits capture a feeling of longing and foreboding. Deeply psychological, his morose compositions reveal moments of mental gravity through body language and micro-expressions. Geerk manipulates traditional techniques to bring distinct render to acrylic colour, creating psychologically-charged paintings that are removed from any specific time or place. Emphasising his subjects in such a way as to draw out the hidden emotions of the human psyche, Geerk depicts people at the threshold of excitation and in the throes of exploration. With postures and gestures crafted through a fictionalized lens of representation, Geerk imagines how a certain fragile moment can be expressed through atmosphere and gesture. The restrained palettes add to the aura of emotional tension, transporting the viewer into his otherworldly universe.


Recent solo exhibitions include Arrival, Roberts Projects, Los Angeles, CA (US); Moonpaintings, Massimo de Carlo, Milan (IT); Sleepless, Mamoth, London (UK); Mixed Blessings, Roberts Projects, Los Angeles, CA (US); The Table Portraits, Roberts Projects, Los Angeles, CA (US); and Pears & Pearls, Galleria Acappella, Naples (IT).


Lenz Geerk participates in the exhibition Close, curated by Russell Tovey March 4 - April 6, 2023. For information about the artist please visit Roberts Projects.