Justin Liam O’Brien’s attended Suffolk County Community College in New York (US) and received a BFA in Digital Arts and 3D Animation from Pratt Institute in New York, NY (US) in 2016. The artist’s oil paintings are self-contained stories that portray personally significant themes. In them, his figures are softly rendered with seemingly indistinguishable features and they appear as ciphers who play out the dynamics of dating, hook-up culture, and more abstract interpersonal relationships. While the driving force behind his compositions are emotional dynamics, stylicatically he engages the aesthetics of 3D rendering and digital image-making tools, with a nod to historical movements such as New Objectivity.


Justin O'Brien participates in the exhibition Equal AffectionsJuly 23 - August 28, 2021. For information about the artist please visit Monya Rowe Gallery.