Jean Nipon has been influenced by masters of classical painting such as Piero della Francesca, Nicolas Poussin, Georges De La Tour or Ingres, and portrays contemporary characters using rare coloured pencils found around the world. Nipon approaches the masters and reuses their codes, but he does so with such respect that the coloured pencil as a medium is akin to a choice of humility in the face of the intangible greatness of the great masters' paintings.


Recent exhibitions include Souvenir d’une aura, PACT, Paris (FR); EMBRACE YOUR WEIRDNESS, curated by Marion Guillet with Hugo Avigo and Mathias Pol, CONFORT MENTAL, Paris (FR); Jean Nipon - Dessins, Galerie Hubert Duchemin, Paris (FR) and LIVE, curated by Jérôme Sans, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (FR).


Jean Nipon participates in the exhibition Close, curated by Russell Tovey, on view March 4 - April 6, 2023. For information about the artist please visit Galerie Pact.