Nick van Woert: Hunky Dory Honky Tonk

Installation Views
Press release

GRIMM is pleased to announce the third solo exhibition at the gallery by American artist Nick van Woert.

There is a trend developing, maybe it is fully developed, it’s a mentality that believes today is synonymous with passé. The Modernisms of the 20th century or rather Modernism 1.0, which used today as a platform for making a better tomorrow and Postmodernism or Modernism 2.0, which used today to criticize yesterday have run their course. They are of course still here but neither holds pole position. The 21st century’s idea of Modernism, mODERNISM 3.0, uses today to make a newer tomorrow. mODERNISM 3.0 is not concerned with what is better or worse. If you went to architecture school you saw Modernism 1.0 fail* in its attempt to make change for the better. mODERNISM 3.0 has nothing to do with changing for the better, it’s only concerned with changing. This type of change is not to be confused with the change that comes about through progress. mODERNISM 3.0 is about the type of change that simply gives the impression of progress. Today will fossilize overnight, ancient by breakfast tomorrow and replaced by noon. Fossilization will set in again by dinner.