Vantage Points: Group Exhibition with Letha Wilson, Sonia Almeida, Heidi Norton, and Claudia Peña Salinas

Press release

GRIMM is proud to announce a group exhibition with Letha Wilson, Sonia Almeida, Heidi Norton, and Claudia Peña Salinas, opening on September 3rd at our New York location.

Letha Wilson, Sonia Almeida, Heidi Norton, and Claudia Peña Salinas present current approaches to painting and sculpture that explore divergent conceptual and physical properties, in dialogue with one another. These works create a vision for the future that is also aware of the past; using archives, whether cultural, photographic, or organic, towards a new synthesis of ideas and forms. Eschewing traditional boundaries between mediums, the works span sculpture, painting, and installation. In this new group exhibition, the floors, ceiling, and walls are all engaged by works that demonstrate how space can be manipulated by both delicate and monumental forms.

The artists all invite questions regarding how images can convey and communicate through archetypical models such as historical symbols, figures, geometric forms and the landscape. At the forefront of their practices are the physical concerns of works using materials that include fiber, wax, metal, paper, plants and glass. Whether iconography passed through generations, a visual mode brought into sculptural form, or a documentation of the landscape through process and photography. There is as much that brings these works together as that which separates them, and yet they inhabit the same plane of the interrogation of representation. A variation of themes and motifs core to the artists’ practices draw on our relationship to nature, highlighting the ways in which we understand this relationship—through mythology, romanticism, or scientific inquiry. Together, these artists draw in outside spaces, reimagining our surroundings throughhybrid forms.