Trained as an architect, Nick van Woert (b. 1979) is interested above all in materials, their properties and uses, and their potential meanings. He scours local supermarkets, waste containers and street corners looking for ingredients to use in his remarkable sculptures, whether it be cat litter, PVC or plastic. Van Woert explores the meaning of ‘nature’ today. Modern society is artificial, yet it also suits us perfectly, almost like second nature. Van Woert plays with this idea in beautiful – almost poetic – installations that reconcile the artificial and the natural. He combines elements from classical antiquity with objects from today’s consumer society, focusing on the overwhelming power of nature, American history and contemporary culture. His work is remarkably topical. The exhibition at GEM museum of contemporary art is his first solo museum exhibition in the Netherlands.


Universal Gym

Nick van Woert


Chromed steel, leather, cat litter

190 x 305 x 267 cm | 75 x 120 x 105 in

We’re All In This Together

Nick van Woert


Found steel, steel, polyurethane adhesive, plexiglass, hair gel, chlorine

Steel panel: 487.7 x 243.8 x 20.3 cm | 192 x 96 x 8 in 2 plexiglas parts, each: 245.1 x 10.2 x 10.2 cm | 96.5 x 4 x 4 in


Nick van Woert


Steel, urethane, plaster

208 x 55 x 50 cm | 81 7/8 x 21 5/8 x 19 3/4 in

Block #4

Nick van Woert



31 x 38 x 28 cm | 12 1/4 x 15 x 11 1/8 in


Nick van Woert

Nick van Woert’s (1979 Reno, US) practice is rooted in his architectural background and reflects on modern day society, technology and progress. Van Woert works with contemporary materials that are ubiquitous in the environment around us, investigating the extreme polarity materials can traverse. Fascinated by the material language of art and what things consist of, he dismantles and strips down objects to examine what remains.