GRIMM proudly presents “Sky above, mud below”, a solo exhibition by emerging artist Volker Hüller. Hüller shows a selection of his new etchings and collages, from May 30th to July 11th, 2009.

Volker Hüller (1976) deals with concepts of three-dimensionality, color, and form. His works derive from aspects of the painterly: centered around the examination of painting’s core principles. The larger works are comprised of woven textile, fabric, and paper cut-outs. The excited, haptic surfaces partly reveal reptile-skin-patterned materials, PVC, fur, jute, shimmering silk, or bits of raw canvas beneath. The almost feminine, soft materiality and scattered, playful brushstroke swirls counteract the predominantly masculine associations of abstraction.


Volker Hüller

Volker Hüller’s work invites associations from the viewer that range from citing Expressionism, Modernism, to Bauhaus, to Cubist influences, especially in an age when art historical images have never been so accessible for the spectator to project on a work.