GRIMM proudly announces two new solo exhibitions by Lucy Skaer, running simultaneously at both gallery spaces in Amsterdam. In her first solo exhibition in the Netherlands, Lucy Skaer presents keys works from the last ten years of her practise. The new exhibition space at the Keizersgracht will showcase some of Skaer’s most iconic works, including Black Alphabet (originally part of The Siege, nominated for the Turner Prize in 2009). The show at Frans Halsstraat will feature, among other works, Sticks & Stones, a monumental sculpture series that was recently expanded by three new pieces.

Each of these works was originally conceived for and exhibited in a different context. American lithographic limestone boulders were brought from the Midwest to Oregon and placed over load-bearing posts, marking the structural spine of an old building. Copies of Brancusi’s Bird in Space made from compressed coal became both the fuel and the protagonists in a staged Siege, when a layer of narrative was added to an industrial building in London. Bringing these works together here runs counter to the original intention and meaning, but allows for a different creativity to emerge, one that takes into account what it is to deploy the works again with the added dimension of the passing of time.