Grimm Fine Art is pleased to present MULTIPLEXOR the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands by Leipzig-based German painter Tobias Lehner. MULTIPLEXOR is a new paintings exhibition that will run from the 12th of April through the 20th of May 2008.

Schooled at the prestigious Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig under the supervision of painter Sighard Gille (who is mostly known for his Song of Life, a monumental ceiling fresco of vibrant colors in the city’s Gewandhaus Orchestra), Tobias Lehner (1974, Regensburg) first mastered the craft of traditional figurative painting before turning to abstraction. Since 2003, his work –better described as abstract landscapes—has been the object of various solo shows and group exhibitions all over the world, including Vienna, Houston, Beirut, and South Korea.