Grimm Fine Art is pleased to present a selection of new works by three young and upcoming Scottish artists. New paintings and installations by Neil Clements, Alex Dordoy and Morag Keil will be on show from September 6 through October 9, 2008. A reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, September 6, from 17:00 to 19:00.

Neil Clements (1982), Alex Dordoy (1985) and Morag Keil (1985) came to know each other during their education at the Glasgow School of Art. Clements, the oldest of all three, completed his BA in 2004, Keil in 2006 and Dordoy, as recently as last year. They represent a whole new generation of Scottish artists living and working in Glasgow, a city, which over the past few years has emerged as one of the most active centers for contemporary art in Britain with such events as the GI Festival and the Glasgow Art Fair.

In tune with what he describes as a form of ‘lo-fi’ formalism that has been dominating the Glasgow art scene since a decade, Clements comments on Minimalism and its legacy. His installations, paintings, and shaped canvases enquire into notions of heroism, melancholia, and fetishism surrounding this artistic movement and its historical documents. Clements sometimes uses those as source material as with his oil paintings after photographs of exhibitions that took place in the 60s. At others, he makes a roundabout through the popular culture of that time as with his partly tongue-in-cheek canvases shaped as rock-guitars and named after individuals or Heavy Metal bands in the tradition of Frank Stella’s habit. Regardless of their specific undertone –be it elegiac or satiric—all of Clements’ works both underscore and rekindle the iconic status of their original sources and makers. They constitute at once a tribute and an exorcism.



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