Grimm Fine Art is proud to present a solo exhibition by Pakistani artist Huma Bhabha.

Bhabha uses everyday materials in her work like gauze, clay, and fiberglass to produce evocative sculptures. The sculptures are made to look broken, rusty and decaying so they say something about contemporary society, political situations (like in her homeland Pakistan) and the human body. From sarcophagi to totems and figures, from abstract heads made out of cork to her works on paper, all her work has a unique place in contemporary art.

Bhabha was born in 1962 in Karachi, Pakistan and lives in New York. In 2008 she received the ‘Emerging Artist Award’ from the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Connecticut. Her work has been shown around the world in countries like Pakistan, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, the United States of America and England. Her work is also present in renowned collections including Saatchi and Collezione Maramotti.




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