GRIMM Fine Art presents ‘High, Low and In Between’ a group show curated by Matthew Day Jackson and Simone Subal. The show features eight international artists for who the use of materials is a central theme in their work. Matthew Day Jackson has given his own twist to the show ‘Stubborn Material’ that was held in 2007 at the Peter Blum gallery in New York.

“High, Low and In Between explores the ambiguous nature of each of the artists’ practice between abstraction and representation. This is not an antique conversation, as the “representational” aspect is perhaps not in reference to this world but to another that exists within each of the artists’ formal structures. Often the decision-making goes beyond the formal and enters the autobiographical, however without direct illustration. The artist as “creator” employs their formal concerns which take on the qualities of a natural order, similar to that of gravity or the speed of light or sound. The way in which the work is made is remarkably generous and could be thought of akin to that of a telescope and functions as an invitation into a way of seeing. The materiality is an aspect that keeps the work grounded but simultaneously plays with the materials’ familiar qualities outside of being an art object. The materials are stubborn in the sense that they are impossible to remove from where we know them from. This often results in an anachronism that can be seen as an open door for analogy, metaphor or a mirror (albeit a fucked up one).”

The participating artists are Justin Matherly, Dave McDermott, Hilary Harnischfeger, Rosy Keyser, Larry Bamburg, Nick van Woert, Michael Krumenacker and Christina Mackie.