It is with great pleasure that we announce the third solo exhibition at the gallery of British artist William Monk.

In Furthur Planetarium! Monk shows a selection of large oil paintings together with woodcuts, watercolors, and distempers made during the last two years. the word ‘furthur’, including its misspelling, comes from the name of the bus the author and 60’s trailblazer Ken Kesey took across America during the early 1960’s. In the paintings Furthur! and Furthur!!Monk’s cinematic road trip heads off under the massive form of a cloud; natural, man-made or speech bubble. though Monk’s paintings are figurative in source his principal interest lies in the physical presence of his paintings as object and the viewer’s experience within the space between them and the painting.



William Monk

William Monk’s scenographic works tap into the rich tradition of painting. Monk paints enigmatic and vibrant works, using starkly divisional compositions and often works in extensive series that gradually evolve over time. The canvases carry irregular intensities of detail, line, foreground and background, a sense of repetition breaks down the figuration, creating visual mantras.