Grimm is proud to announce a solo presentation by Charles Avery at Frieze New York.

Since 2005 Charles Avery (1973, Oban – Scotland) has been describing an imaginary island in the form of drawings, sculptures, objects, films, and texts. Every feature; from its topology to its cosmology, flora, and fauna to its social practices, embodies a philosophical proposition, problem or solution.

Recently, Avery turned his attention to one of the most striking locations on the island, a municipal park in its capital city of Onomatopoeia, known as the Jadindagadendar. This public garden is formed not from living botanical specimens, but rather from artificial trees, flowers, and shrubs, which the island’s inhabitants understand as a refutation of nature, and an expression of human will. To step inside it would be to pass from the familiar to the unfamiliar, from one world to another.

In other works presented at Frieze New York, Avery explores one of the main industries on the island; the extraction, processing, and export of kelp.



Charles Avery

Since 2004, the Scottish artist Charles Avery (1973, Oban, UK) has dedicated himself to the invention of an imaginary island, new corners of which he continues to chart through drawings, sculptures, texts, ephemera and (more rarely) 16mm animations and live incursions into our own world. Known only as ‘the Island’, Avery’s wave-lapped realm is not only a vividly realised fiction, teeming with sights both strange and strangely familiar.