GRIMM is pleased to announce the third solo exhibition of Ciaran Murphy (1978, Ireland). Murphy will show a group of new oil paintings and drawings, made during his recent residency at the medical department of Trinity College, Dublin.

Over the past few years, Murphy has built up a practice that uses painting and drawing as a tool to reflect upon mankind’s impulse to classify the (natural) world as a way to understand and impose order on its intangibility and mystery.



Ciarán Murphy

In Ciarán Murphy’s (1978 Mayo, IE) paintings we encounter an unsettling array of things; sticks, rocks, martian landscapes, insects, interiors, hands, letters, blank screens, architectural feature and geometric shapes. Objects seem in varying states of flux: things float, or seem in the midst of changing form, while other things seem barely there, are entirely absent, or in various states of becoming. They all seem to have in one way or another a vexed relationship to gravity.