Grimm is pleased to announce Krast and Caster crack autumn, the second solo exhibition of Alex Dordoy (1985, Newcastle, UK) in the Netherlands.

The themes of Krast and Caster crack autumn, with works comprised out of three-dimensional jesmonite pieces, installations, paintings and wall drawings, are recognizable. The work in the exhibition investigates painting’s relationship with sculptural forms and material experimentation.

New in Dordoy’s practice is the splicing and merging of both found and constructed images.



Milk and silk

Alex Dordoy


Oil on canvas

270 x 120 cm | 106 1/4 x 47 1/4 in


Alex Dordoy

Alex Dordoy (1985, Newcastle, UK) is fascinated by ‘the disconnect’ between the physical and the virtual, the real and the what-could-have-been. Dordoy edits and manipulates existing objects, photographs, images and patterns using photoshop after which he develops them into paintings or sculptures in plaster, silicone or jesmonite. He explores how objects can invoke associations at different times and in different contexts, thereby acquiring a new meaning.