This year at Art Rotterdam, GRIMM presents two separate, successive presentation.

The gallery will start off by showing a group presentation with an emphasis on largescale works. Works by Charles Avery, Desiree Dolron, Matthew Day Jackson and Lucy Skaer will be on view. On Saturday this presentation gives way to an overview of the work of Willem Weismann. After finishing his MA at the Goldsmiths College, Weismann continued living and working in London. He has recently exhibited at the Zabludowicz collection and won the East London Painting Prize. GRIMM will present a selection of his recent paintings.



Untitled (Dialogue 2)

Charles Avery


Mixed media

Untitled (Empiricist); 50x28x30cm Untitled (Atomist Conceit); 60x30x40 cm Untitled (Close Trefoil)(Alt.); 60x36x30 cm Untitled (Dualist); 60x30x30 cm Untitled (Hyperbolic); 70x46x46 cm

Untitled (Design for Jadindagadendar)

Charles Avery


Pencil, ink, acrylic and gouache on paper

Paper size: 233.3 x 330 cm | 91.6 x 129.9 inches Frame size: 254 x 350.5 cm | 100 x 138 inches


Lucy Skaer


Aluminum leaf and watercolor on paper

372 x 459 cm | 146 1/2 x 60 1/4 in

Harlequin’s Ingots

Lucy Skaer


Copper, 24 parts

Dimensions variable Each: 5 x 5 x 34 — 51 cm | 2 x 2 x 13.4 — 20 in



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