Krinzinger, Grimm and Jousse Enterprise are proud to present the Hagioscoop installation by Atelier Van Lieshout at Art|Basel Unlimited 2013.

The Hagioscoop, part of the New Tribal Labyrinth series, is a large cross-shaped diorama from the imaginary year zero that consists of a large Adobe style kitchen, cave-like sleeping quarters, a carpenter’s workshop and a stable for livestock. The interior can be seen through peepholes in the walls, which are reminiscent of church hagioscopes that were created so that lepers and other non-desirables could witness the service without coming into contact with the rest of the populace. It is the first farm in a series that will eventually be combined with a larger group of farmhouses. They will function as a labyrinth through time, covering ages, history, hope, family, utopia, self-sufficiency, design, and deviancy.