In ‘Arqueología emocional 2’, Ybáñez presents sculptures, painted books, wall reliefs, oil paintings, and a new series of ‘ash drawings’. In the tradition of Art Brut and Arte Povera, Ybáñez creates its reliefs and sculptures from cardboard, metal and plaster and various found materials. United in white paint, these objects have obtained a timeless and ethereal look. Just like the art movements from the 1950s , Ybáñez aims to transcend the dichotomies between nature and culture, past and present and ‘high’ and ‘low’ art.

Throughout the exhibition space, suspended objects are reminiscent of abstracted and enlarged kitchen utensils; a table is ‘set’ with sculptures that resemble plates, cutlery and plate warmers. They are meant by the artist as a tongue-in-cheek illustration of human interaction at a dinner table, where the kitchen acts as a metaphor for the workshop and vice versa.


Carcasas al sol

Miguel Ybáñez


Metal, plaster, latex

115 x 245 x 30 cm | 45 1/4 x 96 1/2 x 11 3/4 in


Miguel Ybáñez

Ybáñez works in the tradition of Arte Povera and embraces a range of techniques to create works of varying scale and form. His reliefs, sculptures and assemblages are made of cloth, cardboard, metal, plaster and found objects. The resulting works are unified by an overall off-white finish which imbues the forms with a timeless and ethereal presence. In his work Ybáñez strives to negate the boundaries between past and present, ‘high’ and ‘low’ art.



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