In the second part of Actions, there will be a solo project of new paintings in Gallery 2 by Caroline Walker, titled ‘Home’, of women refugees living in London.

In the Sackler Gallery there will be screenings of John Akomfrah’s award winning film ‘Auto Da Fé’.

Work by the following artists will also continue to be on display until 6th May: Cornelia Parker, Edmund de Waal, Helen Frankenthaler, Emma Smith, Callum Innes, Gustav Metzger, Issam Kourbaj, Nathan Coley, Anna Brownsted online and eL Seed in Arbury. Rana Begum’s installation in St Peter’s Church will continue until 29th April.

Caroline Walker’s new series of paintings, titled Home, offers the viewer a less familiar portrayal of the refugee crisis. In collaboration with Kettle’s Yard and the charity Women for Refugee Women, Walker met and photographed five women living in temporary accommodation, before making paintings of each in her studio.


Source: Kettle’s Yard

Caroline features in Circuit‘s documentary about the Actions. exhibition. Watch below to find out more about her work.


Caroline Walker

Caroline Walker's large-scale paintings and intimate drawings focus on women within psychologically charged public spaces such as hotels and beauty parlors. Intimate scenes build upon the language of city life with the pronounced quality of a voyeuristic gaze. Her quietly charged often luxurious spaces, frame half-told narratives that complicate traditional ideas of the woman as subject. The works explore femininity in our modern, image-conscious age.