GRIMM is pleased to announce the inaugural exhibition of the season in Amsterdam with a new solo show by Caroline Walker. This marks the artist’s third solo exhibition with the gallery.

The new series of paintings by Caroline Walker (b. 1982, UK) brings the depiction of women sewing, a specific subject in genre painting throughout the history of western art, into contemporary focus. Traditionally, in the context of petit genre painting women were portrayed in the domestic realm by Dutch Golden Age artists Johannes Vermeer and Nicolaes Maes, and Impressionists such as Mary Cassatt or Berthe Morisot. Walker approaches the subject from within, immersing herself in subterranean London workshops alongside the women at work in various commercial spaces.

Opening: Friday August 30th, 6-8pm


Caroline Walker

Caroline Walker's large-scale paintings and intimate drawings focus on women within psychologically charged public spaces such as hotels and beauty parlors. Intimate scenes build upon the language of city life with the pronounced quality of a voyeuristic gaze. Her quietly charged often luxurious spaces, frame half-told narratives that complicate traditional ideas of the woman as subject. The works explore femininity in our modern, image-conscious age.