GRIMM is pleased to present its first exhibition with Dustin Yellin, on the occasion of the 5th Amsterdam Art Weekend.
In 10 Parts Yellin will debut a twenty-foot long modular glass landscape across ten panels. Also on view will be an extensive collection of smaller collages, six single module landscapes and both a figure and study from Yellin’s landmark series of Psychogeographies.

Dustin Yellin’s artworks can either be read as three-dimensional collages or two-dimensional sculptures. They are made from thousands of intricate cutouts from magazines, books, encyclopedias and found imagery. With an unfailing sense for content and composition, Yellin paints these fragments together between many layers of glass. Being both transparent and opaque, bodily and cerebral, these objects offer us a window into an endless array of times and places. Yellin’s artworks serve as catalogues of a collective consciousness, frozen in glass –and time.




10 Parts

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