Art|Basel Unlimited Solo Presentation

Krinzinger, Grimm and Jousse Entreprise are proud to present the Hagioscoop installation by Atelier Van Lieshout at Art|Basel Unlimited 2013.

The Hagioscoop, part of the New Tribal Labyrinth series, is a large cross-shaped diorama from the imaginary year zero that consists of a large Adobe style kitchen, cave-like sleeping quarters, a carpenter’s workshop and a stable for livestock. The interior can be seen through peepholes in the walls, which are reminiscent of church hagioscopes that were created so that lepers and other non-desirables could witness the service without coming into contact with the rest of the populace. It is the first farm in a series that will eventually be combined with a larger group of farmhouses. They will function as a labyrinth through time, covering ages, history, hope, family, utopia, self-sufficiency, design and deviancy.

As a whole the New Tribal Labyrinth series reflects on our extremely advanced and complex society in which overconsumption and limited raw materials play a crucial role. Atelier Van Lieshout suggests an alternative world order in which the new tribal society will see a return to a simple and selfsustaining way of life.


Atelier Van Lieshout

Atelier Van Lieshout is a multidisciplinary collective that was founded by the artist Joep van Lieshout in 1995. Over the years Atelier Van Lieshout has attained international recognition for work that balances on the boundaries of art, architecture and design. The often- provocative oeuvre consists of over a thousand projects ranging from sculptures to furniture, mobile homes and autonomous communes. All projects combined form an extensive research into recurring themes such as autarky, power, politics, life and death.