Grimm is proud to announce the first solo exhibition with Willem Weismann in Amsterdam.

“Weismann’s paintings can be viewed as some kind of archaeology of contemporary society and human progress. […] We have in Willem Weismann an artist who clearly delights in the absurdity of human existence. Comic books, video games and cinema play an important part of his work, the odd and the bizarre, the cast offs and the outcasts. We have symbolic objects, signs and signals to another realm that lies under the broken pavements and points to a world in constant flux and change.”
-Ben Austin

Weismann (NL, 1977) presents a suite of new paintings based on the structure of a house. The title Flashback cont’d, written in screenplay abbreviation, refers to the narrative technique used in film that takes viewers back in time and supplies background and context for current events. Simultaneously, the title refers to both the construed nature of these paintings and the importance of narrative and time embedded in them.